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San Giovese 90%, Colorino 10%, alc. 14%
Fermentation: in stainless steel in controlled temperature (28° C – 80° F)
Produced bottles: 20000 – vine age 7 years.
Colour: ruby bright, fragrant, fruity and round.
Serving temp.: 18°
Recommended pairings: meats, cheeses, grilled meats.





Price per bottle: € 7,00
Minimum order: one box of 6

Price for box: € 42,00 Array


Blessed be the one who first invented the wine as all day it makes me feel cheerful. (Cecco Angiolieri)

The Chianti Monticello was born about 40 years ago. Initially the name was “Montebello”. Afterwards it was named Monticello in honour of the small town in Virginia (USA), where Thomas Jefferson was born and where he planted some of the first vines in North America. It is the wine dedicated to the founder of the company, Nello Gori and it expresses the freshness and fragrance of the grape and tradition of Chianti.

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